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Monday, February 22, 2010

Hotdish in a Hallway hits the Highway!

Oooh - Ooh! I forgot to mention this in my last post, but Hotdish in a Hallway has hit the road! (And subsequently found itself in a much larger, ACTUAL kitchen.)

This past weekend I visited the lovely home of my friends— George, Larissa and Pants* Weber down in Osage, Iowa. It was a superb time and in addition to watching Pants dance like a robot, checking out the latest episode of Teen Mom and enjoying copious amounts of wine, we made a hotdish!

Expect a post soon, but in the meantime enjoy this photo of Pants, who clearly, finds us ridiculous.

* to alleviate any confusion, Pants' real name is Isaac. However, since the day he sprung forth from Larissa's loins he's simply been 'Pants.' And adorable. (Also, what exactly are loins? Can Larissa have them? Can something or someone actually spring forth from them? I'm very confused. Growing up is hard.)

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