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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Had a bit of a fail...

I forgot a rather important ingredient in my last post. Salsa. SALSA.

Lord. Have. Mercy. I don't know where my head was, but please, if you try to make my version of Mexican hotdish, add some salsa. About half a cup, or really however much you like.

I will try to never fail you all again. Apologies, apologies, apologies...


  1. Ms Klaasen,

    Firstly, I like the blog. It's got it going on, as the kids say. Secondly, I have been made aware of the fact that my good wife and I shall be starring in this blog and for that I am very excited. I may offer you a recipe for a British 'hot dish' called Shepherd's Pie (ground beef and vegetables in gravy, topped with mashed potatoes) for the occasion.

    Also, just to let you know the hilarity of your blog has tickled me so much that myself and my tiny friend Christopher will be linking to this blog when we launch our fully functioning super blog, introversial.com (that's right, we are going legit, we have a designer and everything)

    But I am writing to you mainly to tell you about my hot dish experience. The Hanson elders have passed to their newest British family member a recipe for spaghetti pie, which on the face of things sounds awesome. I baked it and my God, Minnesotans have taken bland to dizzy new middles. It had no taste, it was just hot and filling. Literally all the good bits of spaghetti were lost and replaced by bleurg.

    So a) please don't add spaghetti pie to this blog and b) please lobby for zestier, spicier, herbier and tangier hot dishes. Minnesota needs some flavours thrown at it!!

    Lee Jones
    Husband, pie enthusiast, writer

  2. Dear Andrea,

    Love the blog! Kind of makes me want to break out the cookware a bit more and have at it....well, not really, but I sure do enjoy reading about your cooking adventures.

    I must sincerely echo the sentiments of my awesome British son-in-law in that the spaghetti pie is ghastly and definitely flavorless. I made it once, and while it looked creative and novel, it greatly disappointed. However, it was given to me on this cute DOUBLE recipe card with the fold and everything, and I couldn't bring myself to toss it. So....it eventually was passed on to the newlyweds as 'a classic'. How unfortunate. I will vouch that this young man is a fantastic cook, and I'm sure could provide you with a bit of an ethnic divergence with some type of Hungarian cabbage roll/paprika bake.

    I'll stay tuned.

    Mother-in-law, infrequent cook, chocolate fanatic

    But I won't be looking for any chocolate hotdish recipes. We've already had one family member go down that road...

  3. For those not familiar, a young Nicholas once made a chocolate ramen concoction that he swore to love, but never made it again.