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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Start of Something Hotdishy.


or may I call you Readers? (Since at this point you've read two incomplete sentences, I feel comfortable defining this relationship. Are you comfortable with that? I don't want to rush you into a commitment you just might not be willing to make - please don't think that one thing is going to lead to another and next thing you know we're living in Woodbury and the kids won't stop yapping...)

So, Readers. Thank you for clicking on the link to get to this blog. By doing so you've made a pretty important step in furthering your education in both hotdish, and the life of yours truly. Perhaps you're wondering, "Why the blog?" "Why the hotdish theme?" "Why that haircut choice?" These are all good questions. Allow me to answer...

A few months ago I was sitting at Common Roots Cafe enjoying some wifi and Surly Furious. I looked around me at all my fellow laptop users and in my head crafted my own theories about what they were doing. There of course was the law student writing a paper while facebook chatting, there was the girl uploading photos of her hand-knitted suspenders to sell on etsy.com and then there was me, doing not much of anything besides reading huffpost. There was something wrong with this picture. I am 26 and have a Journalism degree. I should have a blog.

As exciting as my day to day life is, I wanted it to be more than just a daily lamentation of my comings and goings. I wanted a theme and went to www.blogher.com, which has a directory of more blogs and random topics than you could wave a freshly made Common Roots bagel at. Lots of blogs people. Lots. One caught my attention - 'Five Star Meals in a Five-Foot Kitchen,' which made me think "Lucky broads. Must be nice to have a five-foot kitchen. All I have is a hallway." lightbulb! In addition to having a hallway kitchen I have an impressive number of cookbooks with hotdish recipes. Thank you Midwestern upbringing. SO, Hotdish in a Hallway was born. I'm going to make some hotdishes, possibly with some fun folks of choice, possibly with some 'themes' (ooh - exciting!) and very likely, with a great deal of rambling about funny stories and thoughts related to said hotdish. Should be interesting...

Oh, and the haircut is because my hair is difficult and curly and I haven't found my 'look' yet. I'm a firm believer I will hit my prime mid-fifties and will have it sorted out by then. Meanwhile, lay off me.


  1. Yay! I'm excited to learn about hotdish. And your hair is gorgeous, what are you talking about? Also, I don't foresee your kids yapping, I see them belting out showtunes right along with their momma.

  2. It's official: I am a reader. Sorry it took me so long, but SOMEONE didn't send me the memo. And hopefully your hair situation has since improved ;-)